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home addtion and renovation

“Jennifer Charles designed an addition to my home that has a very special purpose. As I had never worked with a designer before I was very relieved/impressed with how easy she made the process with her thoughtful,thorough and insightful questions. The plans she rendered exceeded my hopes and expectations in so many ways.  
The addition is nearing completion. Everyone who has seen the construction detail is excited and impressed with this high ceilinged open concept design and it's suitability to my heavily treed property. It was important to me that no trees be removed and this has been accomplished. I have had no hesitation recommending J. Charles design to my friends and they too have been satisfied.” 
Sincerely, L. Lupton, MD

I would like to tell others of the incredible talent Jennifer Charles exhibited when I gave her a 40 year old home with no building plans available and asked her to create a full set of plans.  Not only did she create the plans, she took my ideas and either incorporated or in many cases improved on them to update the entire home.  Jennifer brought Cheryl into my planning process as an expert kitchen designer and Cheryl took the one option I thought I had and created three for me to choose from.  I found the whole experience working with Jennifer and Cheryl to be collaborative; they listened carefully to my ideas and concerns before offering suggestions.  They are both excellent communicators and extraordinarily creative.  I would use their expertise again and strongly recommend them singularly or as a team. home renovation
home addtion and renvation

“Add 800 square feet to an existing house in a riparian zone, without disturbing the salmon,  breaking the bank, or destroying a marriage? 
Sure, no problem!  Jennifer got us through the planning, and followed up repeatedly during the building to see that things were turning out well. She seemed to have an endless supply of patience, and "that's not working for you?  No problem, we'll think of something else!" 
It was a joy to work with her.”
Still happily married,
Serena & Monika in Courtenay


“Jennifer Charles guided our "build green" journey with dedicated commitment.
Our mental gymnastics of decisions was consistently coached by her sense of balance and ability to keep the focus.
Her knowledge, gentle nudging and patience exemplified the most welcome of all emotions - undeniable trust.

Thanks Jen, for helping make our dream "green"
A path we would be honored to travel again, Respectfully, Gerry Fossum & Merle Dicks

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